Will you be open during COVID-19?


Starting Friday March 20, we will start accepting orders for the following week, we will no longer be offering subscriptions for the time being until further notice.

We will be offering local deliveries state wide (California) and working on expanding our reach to the rest of country very soon- we will send updates!

How does Prepko work? 

With every Prepko meal-kit box, you receive chef-inspired kosher recipes, fresh ingredients, simple instructions, and a unique and fun cooking experience that will improve your cooking skills and food pallet. All ingredients are neatly packed, portioned, and organized inside a temperature controlled package, and delivered to your doorstep. 

Choose one of our weekly plans:  *Please refer to covid-19 updates, we will notify you when we relaunch our subscription service

Standard: Choose up to 2 different recipes, each recipe serves 2 people.

Classic: Choose up to 3 different recipes, each recipe serves 2 people.

Family:  Choose up to 3 different recipes, each recipe serves 4 people.

NEW! Shabbat box plans:

Small- 4 people: Choose up to 2 different recipes, each recipe serves 2 people.

Medium- 6 people: Choose up to 3 different recipes, each recipe serves 2 people.

Large- 10 people: Choose up to 5 different recipes, each recipe serves 2 people.

You may choose a one-time delivery or ongoing subscription on a weekly basis. 



Is Prepko kosher, and how?


We are currently certified by the RCC- Rabbinical Council of California. For more questions please email us at info@prepko.com  


How does the subscription cancellation process work?*Please refer to covid-19 updates, we will notify you when we relaunch our subscription service 


Make sure you cancel at least 4 days in advance of your upcoming scheduled delivery.


First, make sure you are logged in using the same email you used to place your order, when you log in, you will be able to view your account, right under the "account" headline, you will see "manage subscription", on the bottom of the box click "cancel order" and you are all set!

If you are still unable to cancel, email us at orders@prepko.com, using your email used for purchase and we will cancel it for you.

If you cancel your ongoing orders right after completing your first order, it will cancel all future orders, if you want to cancel your first initial order, please email us at orders@prepko.com, using your email used for purchase and we will cancel it for you.


What if I’m not home during delivery?


At Prepko, we always keep it on the safe side. So just in case, you're not around to accept the package we insert additional gel packs and pack it tight and secure to ensure an additional 8 hours of freshness after your package has arrived. So you can rest assured your meal is fresh and ready to cook.  


How does my food box stay fresh in transit?


Each package that leaves our facilities are packaged with an FDA approved thermal bubble liner that will keep your perishables safe and temperature controlled throughout the entire delivery. In addition to the thermal bubble wrap, there are several of custom ice cold non-toxic gel packs adding to the overall safety of your meal ingredients during transit making sure you will receive them fresh and at the optimum safe temperature for consumption. 


What are your shipping rates?


Shipping is free on most of our products, we only charge shipping on our larger boxes.


Where do you ship?


Currently, we deliver to CA. We are working on expanding our delivery areas to the Midwest, South, and East coast. Hang tight we will be there soon!


Does Prepko have a mobile app?


We are currently working on developing a beautiful mobile app for both ios and android operating systems. We currently have a user-friendly mobile optimized website which will work great on the majority of browsers such as safari, chrome, and firefox. And operating systems, such as android and ios systems.


How can I contact Prepko?


First, we would recommend going over our FAQ's. If you could not find what you needed, please free to email us any questions you may have to info@Prepko.com


How long does the food stay fresh?


We make sure that all of our ingredients are good for consumption one week from arrival at your doorstep so you will have the entire week to plan, prepare, cook and enjoy your meal throughout the week. {the only exception would be for our fish- due to it being fresh cut you must consume the fish within 48 hours or less}. All of our ingredients are sent chilled and not frozen. 


I’m allergic to specific food (e.g. nuts), can I still order Prepko?


Due to our meal ingredients being packaged and shipped in the same box, ingredients from one meal that contains allergens might come into contact with ingredients from another meal while in transit. Therefore we do not recommend that you order if you have a food allergy.

If you do choose to order, please make sure to always check the ingredient labels in your box for the allergen information.  


Can I track my package?


Yes! Once you place your order you will be provided with a tracking number. 


Are the ingredients fresh or frozen?


All ingredients delivered are 100% fresh, never frozen.


For further questions, please contact us using our contact page.